• Finished with Tokyo?Experience satoyama—Kimitsu is close.
  • Pick strawberries in Kimitsu
  • Visit Kimitsu's Nomizo Waterfall
  • Walk around the castles in Kimitsu
  • Experience agriculture in Kimitsu
  • Try your hand at making sushi

Just an hour from Haneda and Narita airports. Just cross the Tokyo Bay from Tokyo or Yokohama to get away from the city life and experience the Japanese countryside

Satoyama—forest and greenery where people also live. Not the great outdoors, not a great city, but the expanse of agricultural, mountain, and fishing villages which lie in between. That's why the forest, buildings, food, and people are abundant and it just feels right. “Satoyama experience” is to experience the charms of an area through mingling with the people of the rural area and experiencing their traditional life, unique to Japan. Many visitors from Japan and elsewhere are now choosing it. Just one hour away from Tokyo and airports. Unadorned traditional Japanese hospitality is waiting for you at Kimitsu, a satoyama full of charm.

Cross the Tokyo Bay to reach Kimitsu
Kimitsu Satoyama Experience
Boso Futomaki (thick roll) Sushi-Making Experience
  • Boso Futomaki (thick roll) Sushi-Making Experience
  • Try your hand at making Boso Futomaki Sushi, which has been passed down in this area for over 200 years.
Strawberry Picking (Agricultural Experience)
  • Strawberry Picking
  • Experience strawberry picking in the spring. Different crops are available for harvesting each season.
Carrot Harvesting
  • Carrot Harvesting
  • Experience harvesting delicious carrots from the end of May to June and around December.
Nomizo Waterfall
  • Nomizo Waterfall
  • This waterfall is gaining popularity for its fantastical heart mark, which can be viewed in March and September.
Kururi Castle
  • Kururi Castle
  • Have a stroll in the streets of Kururi—an area known for its water and castle. The view from the castle on the hill is magnificent.
Photo in an Armor
  • Photo in an Armor
  • You can try on armor at the Kururi Castle and take photographs to capture the moments.
Living Water at Kururi
  • Living Water at Kururi
  • The delicious, abundant natural water springing forth in Kururi is one of the Selected 100 Exquisite and Well-Conserved Waters of Heisei.
JA Kimitsu Mirai
  • JA Kimitsu Mirai
  • Spend some time at a JA store and get fresh farm products harvested locally and sold directly.
Mini kanji lesson